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8 Best Foods to Build Your Muscle

By: :Trinh Hoang 0 comments

A solid, healthy body is what all fitness lovers are very eager for. But not everyone has that. Their muscles were not growing as expected. Or after a while, that health is less and less decreasing as it originally did. Therefore, we would like to introduce 8 best foods to help fitness lovers gain the best muscle.

1. Beef

8 best foods to build your muscle - beef

Many researches have shown that beef has become a well-known food for muscle-building supplements for all fitness lovers. Beef contains essential proteins such as amino acid, vitamin B, ..

In addition to helping to build muscle for bodybuilders, beef also has the function of providing nutrients to ensure their health. In addition, beef also reduces feelings of anxiety and stress. This is considered to be the best food to build muscle.

2. Chicken breast 


Currently, no researchers have confirmed that the amount of chicken breast a day is enough. But sure, chicken breast is a very good muscle growth food. Because every 100 grams of chicken breast contains up to 18 grams of protein. The amount of protein in the chicken breast is very high. Therefore, chicken breast is chosen as the best food for bodybuilders.

3. Almonds

8 best foods to build your muscle - Almonds


Not only meat, but green foods also have a great function in building muscle for bodybuilders. Almonds are considered an indispensable food for bodybuilders to increase muscle mass. Because almonds are high in calories.

Researches have show that, for every 10 grams of almonds, there are 120 to 130 calories. They are very convenient when used in combination with other protein-rich substances. Helps bodybuilders increase the ability to develop muscles.

4. Chickpeas 

As we all know, chickpeas are a highly consumed food by bodybuilders. This is because chickpeas function similar to other grains. Bodybuilders can use rice and other unnatural grains instead. Chickpeas are considered a natural cereal food. In chickpeas contain crab content is very good for bodybuilders to increase muscle. Please use them in regular snacks!

5. Salmon

Not only beef, chicken breast is a premium food for bodybuilders to increase muscle mass. Salmon is also a very good muscle growth food. Salmon is very high in protein and omega 3 fats. These fats are responsible for the release of harmful fats. Therefore, this is a very quality food for bodybuilders gain muscle and is also the best natural muscle food.

6. Fresh milk

Not many people know that, fresh milk is an excellent product to support muscle growth. The good bacteria in fresh milk will help release and destroy the fat content that is not good for muscle growth, support the digestive system of the intestine and increase nutrition for bodybuilders.

7. Scallops

Is a high quality seafood with a high protein content. Scallop is a popular seafood among bodybuilders. Because they are easy to eat and have the ability to help increase muscle in a short time.

8. Legumes

Legumes like green beans, cove beans, and peas are very popular among bodybuilders. Because, those are gentle, purified foods. These legumes are rich in fiber and protein. Affordable and readily available, this is a must-have for bodybuilders' muscle building.


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