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Best Low-calorie Breakfast Recipes To Keep You Full And Healthy

By: :Trinh Hoang 0 comments

Does your busy office-work make you don't have much time to prepare a healthy breakfast?

If you are in the process of losing weight but don't know How to choose and prepare recipes for a healthy and low-calorie breakfast, this post is for you.

What is a healthy and low-calorie breakfast?

A healthy breakfast will give you healthy carbohydrates filled with energy, fiber helps you feel full, protein helps support muscle growth and maintenance, and healthy fats also help you feel full.

low-calorie breakfast 6

However, in order to achieve the desired weight loss effect, you need to learn to correctly apply the principles and carefully calculate the number of calories needed for breakfast.

1. Cut back on fatty meats and fried foods

For a healthy and low-calorie breakfast, you should minimize fatty meats and fried foods, which often contain too much fat, resulting in too many calories.

2. Don't eat too salty

Salt is the cause of the body to accumulate water and gain weight rapidly. This is also one of the principles of the Eat Clean Diet. Therefore, stay away from meals with salty foods, causing your body to accumulate more salt and sodium.

3. Say "NO" with sugar

The most important thing for a low-calorie breakfast is to eliminate sugar. Sugar makes your body store more fat. You can replace sweets with succulent fruit and sweet taste.

4. Choose protein-rich foods

Absolutely do not remove protein from your meal, no matter what diet you are in. Protein is indispensable, helping the body to burn calories, burn fat, and help firm muscles.

5. Choose high-fiber foods

High-fiber foods are always the top priority in weight loss because fiber is very low in calories, helping you to feel full and full for longer.

5 Best Low-calorie Breakfast Recipes To Keep You Full And Healthy

1. Boiled eggs

Low-calorie Breakfast 1

Eggs contain vitamin B12, vitamin D3 along with essential protein for the body, they create a feeling of fullness for a long time, making hunger stay away from you for at least 3-4 hours.

2. Mixed oats with unsweetened yogurt

Low-calorie Breakfast 2

Oats and yogurt are rich in fiber, nutritious, so it can completely provide you with everything for a long day.

In addition, you can mix with accompanying fruit, to feel the full flavor of breakfast without worrying about wasting preparation time.

3. Eggs and mashed avocado

Low-calorie Breakfast 3

Avocado is always at the top of the list of healthy foods when you want a weight loss.

The combination of good fats and protein will keep your body full for longer. Scrambled eggs will make your breakfast menu much more enjoyable.

This dish is also easy to make without being too elaborate, very suitable for busy people.

4. Scrambled eggs and vegetables

Low-calorie Breakfast 4

Add a low-calorie breakfast recipe from eggs. It's just that the form of this egg dish changes and its nutritional quality and effect remains the same.

Add a few small tomatoes and mixed salad to make sure your weight loss breakfast is perfect and "full", right?

5. Smoothies

Low-calorie Breakfast 5

Surely many people will be surprised that smoothies are on the low-calorie breakfast list. But you are not mistaken.

As long as you limit the amount of sugar, a smoothie is absolutely a perfect low-calorie meal with full of nutrients and also has a purifying effect on the body, extremely effective.

You can choose bananas, almonds, and strawberries smoothies. Just add all of the above ingredients in a blender and mix with the unsweetened yogurt.

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