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5 Principles You Must Know When Exercising To Flat Your Belly Fat At Home

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Exercising to lose belly fat at home is one of the most convenient and effective weight loss methods. During the exercise, you are bound to follow some basic principles to ensure your safety as well as help the exercises take place more effectively. In the dangerous situations of practicing the wrong moves and techniques, you can cause self-injury.

5 Principles You Must Know When Exercising To Flat Your Belly Fat At Home

1. Define clear and specific goals:

Define a clear goal when participating in fat loss exercise and abdominal equipment will give you more motivation.

Setting goals also makes you need to be more diligent and oriented to reach your goals. For example, a specific goal is to lose 3cm of belly size after 2 weeks of exercise or lose 2kg after 1 month of training will urge you to exercise harder.

In addition, with a clearly goal, you will also have to find out appropriate exercises, diets, and training times to achieve the goal after a period of time.

However, don't setting goals too far away or too easy because this will make you feel depressed or lose all motivation to practice.

2. Drink water regularly

This is a small detail but girls often forget because they do not feel thirsty. About 30 minutes before starting an exercise to lose belly fat at home, you should drink at least 2 glasses of water to help prevent dehydration.

During the exercise, you should drink water in small sips throughout the exercise. Do not let yourself fall into dehydration because that will make the body quickly fight against exhaustion and dehydration.

In fact, you may not know, the habit of drinking just enough water before, during and after exercising to reduce belly fat helps the belly fat also decrease significantly. After exercising, if you are thirsty, you can drink a little more water.

However, do not drink too much because it is not only beneficial for the circulatory system, digestive system but also affects the heart. In addition, drinking plenty of water after exercising to reduce belly fat will make the body sweat more and lose salt, which in turn can easily cause cramps, making the body more tired.

3. Don't exercise before and immediately after eating

A lot of women believe that if the body is hungry, exercise to lose belly fat will help speed up the weight loss process. This is completely wrong notion. Because if you force your body to work without compensating energy, it will easily make your mind dizzy, dizzy, easily faint, harm your own health.

Ideally, you should have a light snack 30 minutes before training. You can eat a little fruit or junk food but not eat too much leading to bloating, difficulty moving.

In addition, when the body is too full, if you are too active, it will cause the body's rhythm to be disturbed, causing gas, indigestion, cramps, abdominal pain and if this condition lasts for a long time it can affect the digestive system ... because when it is full, the blood in the body will rush to the stomach and other parts to perform more digestive functions.

4. Choose the suitable exercise

Regardless of whether you are male or female, you need to choose an exercise regime as well as an exercise that suits your condition. Especially women need to be careful in planning a suitable exercise regime according to movements, health, body will help you lose weight most effectively.

Ideally, before embarking on exercise to lose belly fat, you need to go to a physical exam to be instructed about the type and method of exercise suitable for your health condition. 

In addition, age is also an important factor determining your exercise regime. If you are too old or in weak condition, avoid exercises to lose belly fat with high intensity because it will negatively affect your bones and joints.

5. Scientific practice regime

There are many people impatient to lose weight fast so embarking on high intensity and high difficulty exercises. This is not advisable as it can have unfortunate consequences such as exhaustion, injury or stroke, especially for beginner.

When you first practice, you should practice gently with simple exercises, then gradually increase the difficulty and intensity. Before training, take about 5 minutes to warm up and reduce intensity at the last 5 minutes to help your body get used to the state of rest.

During exercise, you should spend 1 minute between each exercise, avoiding excessive movement of the body, leading to exhaustion. This will give your body time to regain strength and promote its weight loss efficiency rather than constantly exercising, which will result in loss of energy and reduce training time.

5 Must Have Fitness Equipment To Exercise At Home

1. Waist trainer, body shaper

Many sources believe that corset and waist trainer cause adverse health effects such as back problems and heart rate. However, those consequences are proved by scientific organization from wearing them incorrectly.


If you know how to use the correct Waist Trainer can help refine your waist line & provides the support in lower back, which allows the cincher to help you relieve back pain and correct your posture.

2. Resistance band

Resistance band is no stranger to sports lovers, especially the gym. It is really a lifesaver for people who don't have time to go to the gym and still have the beautiful body they want.


Training with resistance band not only brings a toned body, but also helps the whole body burn significantly more fat, contributing to your body looking more attractive.


Therapists often advise patients to use resistance band to restore function. resistance band allows the user to perform a variety of exercises at different resistance levels with a variety of postures and movements tailored to their abilities. Exercises that use weights and other equipment will greatly limit posture and movement.

3. Posture corrector

The posture corrector works to protect the back from the back of the neck to the vertebrae, to prevent back ailments such as shoulder pain, degenerative cervical vertebrae and correct sitting incorrect posture.





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