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How To Do Mountain Climbers Exercise Correctly

By: :Trinh Hoang 0 comments

Mountain Climbers is a spot exercise that simulates outdoor climbing. While performing leg movements like you are actually climbing.

According to strength coaches and personal trainers, Mountain Climbers Exercise is one of the most effective exercises to strengthen the core, blast fat and at the same time promote agility and flexibility for the body.

How to do Mountain Climbers properly 

Mountain Climbers exercise has a very simple and easy to do even beginners. You just need to choose for yourself a spacious, comfortable, and flat space to start your Mountain Climbers exercise.

Traditional Mountain climbers exercise 

Here are the detailed instructions to do Mountain Climbers exercise correctly:

Step 1:  Begin with high Plank: hands touching the floor, fingers facing out, and hands shoulder-width apart.

Tighten the core and flat back to keep the entire body from the legs, hips, back, neck, head forms a straight line and this is the starting position of Mountain Climbers.

Step 2: Without moving your right leg, bringing your left knee toward the left elbow. Then return your left leg to the starting position and repeat with your right leg.

Step 3: Just repeat and continuously perform the above movements as quickly as possible for the specified duration (20-30 seconds) and breathe regularly.

Mountain climbers with miniband

Mountain climbers exercise with miniband: Like any exercise, the use of additional resistance bands makes mountain climbers much more difficult. While traditional mountain climbers focus on increasing endurance and burning fat at a fast pace, mountain climbers exercise with miniband is done at a slower pace and focuses on building your butt muscles. However, both versions of mountain climber will help you get a ton of abs.

Here are the detailed instructions to do Mountain Climbers exercise with miniband:

Step 1: Place the miniband in the center of the soles of the legs, then enter a high plank

Step 2: Pull the right knee up to the right elbow, then pull the leg back, then pull the left knee up similarly.

Step 3: Just repeat and continuously perform the above movements for the specified rep and breathe regularly.

Notes when doing Mountain Climbers Exercise

In order to blast belly fat most effectively, in addition to following the training instructions above, you should also note a few things below:

  • When doing the Mountain Climbers, you should keep your hips in place, otherwise, it will decrease the effectiveness of the move.

  • Mountain Climbers is an exercise that can be applied to Cardio workouts, so try to do the moves as quickly as possible to get the calorie-burning effect of the exercise.

  • When doing the exercise, you should wear the most comfortable outfit to easily pull your legs up, stretch your legs down.

  • You should have a Pre-workout snack an hour before the exercise. Don't let your stomach get too hungry or too full when you do Mountain Climbers workout.


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