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LED Light Badminton Racket Sets With Shuttlecocks

$25.99 $19.00

Product Overview

Outdoor LED Light Badminton Racket sets for beginners and kids. This will provide both fun and fitness activities for various occasions such as picnics, family gathering or birthday parties, etc. Especially, you can even use it at night without any hassle thanks to LED Lights built inside the rackets and the shuttlecocks. 


Shaft Material: Carbon
Model Number: Badminton Racket
Weight (g): W4(≥90g)
Racket Hardness: Slightly Hard
Play Classification: Defensive Type (Light Tip & Soft Rod)
Strings Feature: as show
Racket Handle Thickness: (3.624 Inch)
Length (cm): 55 cm
Recommended Pull Pounds: 20-23 lbs (Low/Medium Pound Amateur Junior)
Suitable Player: Amateur Junior